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GOAL Post – 2013-SPECIAL 7

GOAL Post                                                                             2013-SPECIAL 7 Legislative Update from Olympia                                                  28 June 2013 BUDGET AGREEMENT REACHED? I-591 OPENER AT WAC SHOW A SUCCESS HAVE YOU SIGNED THE PETITION YET? ANOTHER 1984 MOMENT The buzz in Olympia Thursday afternoon is that a … Continue reading

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GOAL Post 2013-SPECIAL 6

GOAL Post                                                                              2013-SPECIAL 6 Legislative Update from Olympia                                                21 June 2013 SECOND SPECIAL SESSION STARTS DEMOCRATS THREATEN GOVERNMENT SHUT DOWN PRO-GUN COALITION FORMS BIDEN BLUSTERS BUNDESAMT fur VERFASSUNGSSCHUTZ (BfV) Ten days into the second special session, same as the … Continue reading

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I-591 and I-594 – A note from the proprietors…

This morning Seattle Gun Rights Examiner Dave Workman wrote of the newly announced pro-rights Initiative 591 and the recently formed and growing coalition of firearms rights organizations emerging in Washington, Protect Our Gun Rights (POGR). Founded at an emergency meeting … Continue reading

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GOAL Post 2013-SPECIAL 5

GOAL Post                                                                              2013-SPECIAL 5 Legislative Update from Olympia                                                14 June 2013 FIRST SPECIAL SESSION ENDS IN BUDGET STALEMATE SECOND SPECIAL SESSION STARTED NEXT DAY BACKGROUND CHECK INITIATIVE FILED BIDEN WHITE HOUSE GUN CONTROL GALA ASSAULTED:  CIVIL RIGHTS UNDER FIRE … Continue reading

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GOAL Post 2013-SPECIAL 4

GOAL Post                                                                            2013-SPECIAL 4 Legislative Update from Olympia                                              7 June 2013 FOUR DAYS LEFT IN SPECIAL SESSION REP. STEVE O’BAN REPLACES SENATOR MIKE CARRELL SNOHOMISH COUNTY SHERIFF JOHN LOVICK APPOINTED COUNTY EXECUTIVE NJ SENATOR FRANK LAUTENBERG PASSES BIDEN, REID, … Continue reading

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